2021-2022 Foundation Campaign

Our Foundation Campaign is underway! Every donation counts, every gift matters. Thank you for your generosity!

A message from Campaign Chair, John Richmond

Dear Colleague:Richmond

In law school, we are taught to always act in a client’s best interest and to plan for the unexpected or improbable.  However, in the early stages of our professional careers, we quickly learn that zealous advocacy is fueled by mental, emotional, and physical sacrifice, as clients put their trust in us to solve complex problems or help when tragedy turns their lives upside down.  Unfortunately, our fierce dedication to our clients can cause us to neglect our own “best interests” and forget that we are not immune from life’s uncertainty.  

Just as none of us could have predicted that our lives would be disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, our colleagues who are confronted by individual crises certainly did not enter the profession anticipating that they would need assistance someday.  As you read this, attorneys in our community are quietly suffering from the loss of a family member, debilitating illness, or financial difficulties, struggling with substance use disorders or mental health issues, or other unforeseen circumstances beyond their control.  These are attorneys you may know personally. Those who pass you in the hall, as either co-workers, adversaries, or friends.  However, these are proud people who were taught to focus on assisting others, who may be uncomfortable speaking with you about their struggles.  In a time when it is known that many of us face our own challenges brought on by the pandemic, the thought of asking for help can be even more daunting. 

Fortunately for our colleagues and their families, the Erie County Bar Foundation is ready and willing to guide them through difficult times, by offering support, financial assistance, comfort, and anonymity.  However, the Foundation cannot continue to provide such versatile assistance without your help. 

Acting in the best interests of our clients and prioritizing our own wellbeing should not be mutually exclusive.  Please contribute whatever you can today, to ensure that the Foundation is available to help you or a colleague when an unanticipated crisis becomes a reality.  I can assure you that even small contributions go a long way in helping your fellow attorneys and their families in need. 

Finally, if you need help, please call the Foundation at (716) 852-1777.      Your request will be kept confidential.

Thank you!


John E. Richmond
Chair, Campaign 2021-22


Please contact Heidi Mahon with any questions about donating or the Campaign by clicking here.