2023-2024 Foundation Campaign

Our Foundation Campaign is underway! Every donation counts, every gift matters. Thank you for your generosity!

A message from Campaign Chair, John E. Richmond

Dear Colleague:

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. As we stand together in the midst of our legal endeavors, there is a profound truth that resonates: the strength of our community lies in our collective support for one another.

For years, the Erie County Bar Foundation has been the silent guardian for our colleagues who have faced unforeseen adversities-substance use disorders, mental health issues, debilitating illness, or other unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. Through it all, the Foundation has stood as a beacon of hope, offering the financial assistance, support, and solace that only a legal community, bound by a common purpose, can provide.

In the depths of our shared humanity, there lies a symbol of peace and resilience-the dove. It soars with grace, a messenger of hope and healing. Just as the dove offers comfort in the face of adversity, so too does the Foundation extend its wings to shield our fellow attorneys in their time of need. The Foundation’s tireless dedication is fueled by the generosity of individuals like you. Your contributions have been the cornerstone upon which countless lives have been rebuilt, countless spirits rejuvenated, and countless futures reclaimed.

In a testament to the Foundation’s incredible impact, some of those we have assisted have chosen of their own volition to bravely come forward, abandoning their anonymity to share their stories. Throughout the campaign, we will be sharing their stories of resilience, hope, and triumph, so that you can witness firsthand the incredible difference your contributions make in the lives of those we serve.

I understand the demands we face in our profession, the weight of our responsibilities, and the challenges that often seem insurmountable. Yet, in our unity, we find strength. With your support, we will continue to transform lives, one kind gesture at a time. Please join me in ensuring that the Foundation’s mission endures, that our legal community thrives, and that our fellow lawyers find comfort in knowing that they are not alone.

To make your invaluable contribution, please visit our donation page at www.eriebar.org or take a few minutes to complete and return the enclosed pledge card. Together, let us be the wings that carry our colleagues to brighter days.

Finally, if you need help, please call the Foundation at (716) 852-1777.   Your request will be kept confidential.

Thank you!


John E. Richmond
Chair, Campaign 2023-24



Please contact Heidi Mahon with any questions about donating or the Campaign by clicking here.