In Memoriam

We honor the memory of the following members of our Bar Association who have passed in the last year. We recall with fondness their friendship and contributions to our legal community. Please take a moment to remember them and their families in your thoughts. We pay tribute to these members at our Annual Dinner and by closing our biweekly Board meetings in their name. During this time of COVID 19, it is more difficult to share our grief at a gathering but our tribute to these members remains strong and symbolizes our close knit community.

Memorial gifts to the Erie County Bar Foundation are a special way to remember friends and colleagues. The Bar Association of Erie County makes a contribution to the Erie County Bar Foundation in honor of each of its members that passes. We encourage you to do the same. Your gift to the Foundation in memory of a friend or relative benefits of the entire profession and will be published with your consent in our Bulletin. Consider donating today.


Dennis J. Speller
Charles Milch
Maryann Saccomando Freedman

Allan Lipman
Mary Knauf
Randy Fahs
Marvin Dubin
Frederick Lang
Henry W. Schmidt, Jr.
Thomas V. Considine

William C. Schoellkopf

Stephen Kellogg

Diane F. Bosse

Pamela J. Fielding

Robert D. Kolken

Eric Patrick Doherty

Robert G. Spampata, Jr.

James Martin Nesper
Robert D. Kolken
Joseph Ritzert


Michael R. Belczak

Matthew X. Wagner, Jr.

Mark Hulnick
Robert J. Tronolone
Terry Ann Raszeja
Thomas E. Brydges
Sheila Graziano
John J. Lavin
James J. O’Brien
Thomas I. McElvein, Jr.

Honorable Robert E. Whelan (ret.)

Susan Florek Birney

Honorable Michael L. Broderick

Honorable Frederick J. Marshall (ret.)

Thomas E. Butler

Michael C. Walsh

Frank P. Della Posta

Richard D. Grisanti

Eugene J. Smolka

James M. Vallone

Thomas J. Keable

Karen M. Greenspan

John Mason “Jack” Dempsey

Harold M. Halpern

David M. Glenn

Charles P. Bridge

J. Michael Lennon

William P. Wiles

Gerard Haas

James Maloy

Lauren Sullivan

Joseph M. Nasca

Joseph S. Calabrese

Dennis J. Campagna

Louis H. Siegel

Denis A. Scinta

Timothy J. Dwan


James J. O’Brien

Michael C. Walsh

Thomas R. Cassano

Anthony L. Fumerelle

Jay Pletcher

Victor N. Farley

Caroline Hassett Buerk

Past President James Magavern

Leslie Shuman Kramer

James F. Forton

Anthony C. Ben

Donald C. Lubick

Kurt T. Sajda

James H. Watz

Sanford “Sandy” Silverberg

David C. Zimmerman

Deborah A. Norman-Lane

Timothy J. Mordaunt

Maria Lenhoff Marcus

Herbert M. Siegel

Russell T. Quinlan

Ralph A. Nicosia

Jon Ross

Randall Wilson

Jerry A. Gambino

Peter J. Fiorella, Jr.

Paul V. Hurley

Noemi Fernandez

Honorable Joseph Mintz

David Laub

Leonard Berkowitz

Robert J. Feldman

Honorable Jerome Gorski

Richard Earne

Honorable Leo Fallon

Kevin J. Bauer

Keith A. Herald

Honorable Matthew Murphy

Thomas E. Butler

Frank P. Della Posta


Patrick J. Berrigan
William D. Broderick, Sr.
Earl W. Brydges, Jr.
Eugene V. Burke
Edward L. Chassin

Peter Cosgrove
Joseph F. Crangle

Bert R. Dohl
Gregory J. Dudek
John M. Garrity

Courtland LaVallee

William John Magavern, Jr.
Anthony D. Mancinelli
Timothy Alan McCarthy

F. Harris “Harry” Nichols

Lawrence J. “Larry” Regan
Edward McGuinness III

Michael E. Semple

Edward J. Schwendler Jr.                 

Peter K. Sommer
Hon. Hugh B. Scott

James R. Walsh
Ronald W. Zackem


Frederick G. Attea
Patrick J. Berrigan
Beverley S. Braun
William D. Broderick, Sr.
Earl W. Brydges, Jr.
Eugene V. Burke
Michael Burwick
Frank L. Bybel
Edward L. Chassin
Barry R. Cohen
Carol A. Condon
Peter L. Costa
Joseph F. Crangle
Richard J. “Sharkey” Diebold
Carlton Dobozin
Kevin S. Doyle
Gregory J. Dudek
David P. Evans
John M. Garrity
Harry J. Gray
Past President Richard F. Griffin
Thomas J. Hanifin, Jr.
John L. Hurley, Sr.
William John Magavern, Jr.
Anthony D. Mancinelli
Timothy Alan McCarthy
Edward McGuinness III
Eric Naegely
Elaine Salvo
Edward J. Schwendler Jr.
Hon. Hugh B. Scott
Robert B. Sommerstein
Mary M. Sullivan
Peter A. Vinolus
Laurence H. Woodward
Ronald W. Zackem

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