June 1, 2024 - May 31, 2025 Membership Dues Schedule

Rates for membership levels are for one (1) full year of membership. Membership renews on June 1. New members will have first year of membership pro-rated if membership began after June 1. If you have any questions about how much your dues are, please call our office at 716.852.8687. If you have financial difficulty paying your dues, please contact Anne Noble, Executive Director, at 716.852.8687 ext. 119.

Year of AdmissionDues Owed
2020 - 2023$130
2015 - 2019$190
2014 or earlier$280
Law StudentFREE

Other Membership Levels

Membership LevelDues OwedDescription
Associate Member$120Attorneys admitted to the practice of law who do not reside or practice in Erie County
Affiliate Member$100Law school graduates not yet admitted to practice, law office administrators, or paralegals
Retired Attorney$110You must certify that you are retired from active employment and are no longer engaged in the practice of law
Contributing Member$335Additional recognition for their contributions to the Bar Association
Honorary Contributing Member$5550+ year members who retain contributing member status
Life Member$2000Member of the Bar of the State of New York who resides or has an office in Erie County.

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