Our Vision

To achieve excellence in the practice of law and the pursuit of justice.

Our Mission

To serve our members by educating, pursuing justice, and fostering camaraderie, well-being, and belonging.

Our Values

Respect for the Rule of Law, Civility, Inclusion, Integrity, Leadership, Equity

Our 2023-2027 Strategic Goals

Stabilize Membership.

Embed diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in our culture and support it in the broader community.

Achieve long-term financial sustainability.

Our Brand Promise

Unwavering dedication to building a legal community where all members thrive.

A Trusted Voice & Partnership
Since 1887, lawyers and the community have relied on us for education, to ensure professional integrity, and to address injustice.

Lawyer Well-Being
We believe personal well-being leads to professional success. You are not alone in your personal and professional challenges.

Advocacy for DEI&B 
We believe the legal community excels when everyone is welcome at the table. We will continue to work collectively with traditionally underrepresented populations.

Professional Empowerment
We make better lawyers. Our programs and resources provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

The Results Are In! Here are your 2024-2025 BAEC Officers & Directors

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