BAEC President Oliver Young has been appointed to the NYSBA Task Force on Racial Injustice and Police Reform

Bar Association of Erie County President, Oliver Young, has been appointed to the New York State Bar Association Task Force on Racial Injustice and Police Reform. The members of this Task Force have shown a willingness to address one of the most challenging issues facing our society today. The goal of the Task Force on Racial Injustice and Police Reform will be to understand the impact of racial injustice on police practices and provide a report recommending ways to reform police practices to the NYSBA House of Delegates.

Areas of possible reform include, but are not limited to:
1. examining and recommending changes to existing legislation and the proposal of new legislation;
2. the qualifications and training of law enforcement personnel;
monitoring of law enforcement activities including the use of body cameras and other data-gathering techniques;
3. internal law enforcement department practices that discourage or stop the reporting of misconduct by other officers;
4. the role of the Civilian Complaint Review Board and other similar entities in the identification and investigation of law enforcement misconduct; and
5. the prosecution of law enforcement misconduct cases.

Congratulations to President Young for his appointment! We are excited to see the great work this Task Force accomplishes.


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