NYS UCS Outlines Appropriate Decorum for Virtual Court Proceedings

The COVID-19 pandemic has required all courts across New York State to innovate and adapt in order to continue to provide the effective and efficient administration of justice and Access to Justice for all court users consistent with the highest standards of Chief Judge DiFiore’s Excellence Initiative. Our courts have uniformly transitioned to Microsoft Teams as a platform to conduct virtual proceedings. Appropriate decorum/etiquette is a necessity during all virtual court proceedings.

All court proceeding participants shall recognize that this is a formal appearance and should ensure the following:

  • Dress in appropriate attire, as if you were appearing in-person in court
  • Display an appropriate and professional background
  • No consumption of food or drink during the proceeding
  • Remain professional and dignified
  • As in ln-Person proceedings, only one person should be speaking at a time

Please ensure that judges, court staff, attorneys, and all participants in court proceedings are aware
of the importance of the appropriate decorum which is necessary for all virtual court proceedings.