Judge Marks Issues Administrative Order 267/20, Restoring Normal Filing and Service

Pursuant to the authority vested in me, at the direction of the Chief Judge, and in light of the ongoing public health and commercial concerns raised by the COVID-19 health emergency, I hereby direct that, effective November 4, 2020, unless otherwise prohibited by gubernatorial Executive Order:

1. Parties may commence new matters and proceed in pending matters by any means of filing and service normally permitted under statute and court rule.

2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in-person filing by represented parties shall not be permitted in courts and locations where the appropriate Deputy Chief Administrative Judge has concluded that such filing is inconsistent with the health and safety needs of the public and court personnel. In-person filing by unrepresented parties (other than those who have expressly ·’opted in” to participate electronically in a NYSCEF matter) shall be permitted at all times. COYID-related health and safety protocols will continue to be followed in all court facilities.

3. Also notwithstanding the foregoing, all parties are strongly urged to avoid in-person filing and service wherever possible during the ongoing COYID-19 health emergency, and to rely instead on NYSCEF, EDDS, and mail filing and/or service, where permitted.

4. The court shall not request working copies of documents filed electronically.

5. This order supersedes Administrative Orders AO/121/20 and AO/115/20, which shall have no further force or effect. It further supersedes the terms of any other Administrative Order inconsistent with its provisions.

Hon. Lawrence K. Marks
Chief Administrative Judge
Dated: November 6, 2020


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