BAEC's 135th Annual Awards Celebration

Wednesday, October 12 @ Seneca One Tower

Letters from the Foundation President

Helping People After a Loss 

Throughout our lifetime, many of us will experience loss or trauma, or at least know someone that does. Our own personal experiences, uncertainty, and fear can leave us feeling unprepared or hesitant to respond or interact with those who have experienced a loss. The personal experiences of those who have experienced loss offer valuable insights. Below are some suggestions for how to practice “The Art of Presence” when someone you know has been impacted by loss or a traumatic event. 

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Notice: Proposed Federal Court Local Rules Amendments

The United States District Court for the Western District of New York is amending its Local Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure. The Court invites comments on the proposed amendments, which are available on the Court’s website at or upon request from the Clerk’s offices in both Buffalo and Rochester. All comments must be submitted by no later than January 17, 2022 to:Local Rules Committeec/o Hon. Mark W. PedersenKenneth B. Keating United States Courthouse100 State Street, Rochester, New York

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Hugh Russ: Fall 2021 Bulletin Letter

I have a confession to make: I am a racist.  That I am a racist is hard for me to admit to you.  That I am a racist is hard for me to admit to myself.  It would be easier to deny my racism.  But I am a racist.  I write this letter, because I want to discuss my form of racism, what has been called white privilege, in the hope that my confession will foster conversation.  No, I haven’t

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Memo to 8JD Law Enforcement, Civil Division, Regarding Evictions

MEMORANDUM January 21, 2021  TO: EIGHTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT LAW ENFORCEMENT – CIVIL DIVISIONS FROM: ANDREW B. ISENBERG, District Executive RE: UPDATE ON LANDLORD/TENANT MATTERS WARRANTS OF EVICTION  Please be advised that under Chapter 381 of the Laws of 2020 (the COVID-19 Emergency Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2020) the court is required to hold a STATUS CONFERENCE with the parties and determine whether an outstanding warrant shall re-issue and be amended. In the absence of a status conference, there is a stay

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Women in Government: 2020 Lamplighter Awards

The Eighth Judicial District Gender and Racial Fairness Committee is part of a standing Committee on Women in the Courts that works to secure equal justice, equal treatment and equal opportunity for women whose lives bring them into the courts through education, information and advocacy. The Committee created the Lamplighter Award that recognizes women who, through determination and personal achievement, have worked to eliminate gender and racial bias. This year, the Committee recognizes the efforts of countless women and men

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