COVID-19 Foundation Campaign

Our COVID-19 Campaign has finished. We are blown away by the generosity of the legal community! Thank you to everyone who has donated!

In Western New York, lawyers take pride in the civility and collegiality of the local bar. Now, more than ever, is the time for us to come together and help support our colleagues in a time of need. The economic disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic will cause great financial hardship for many of our colleagues, who are seeing an extreme loss of revenue and even, for some, a total loss of income. Many suffering from a total loss of income serve as court appointed counsel and help ensure access to justice for people who might not otherwise have a lawyer.

We wish you and your loved one’s good health, safety, and comfort at this difficult time. 

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Thank you donors!

John J. Aman
Hon. Suzanne Maxwell Barnes
Alan Carrel
Hon. Mary G. Carney & Mark S. Carney
Hon. Kenneth F. Case
Donna M. Castiglione
Hon. Emilio Colaiacovo
Kathleen A. Crowley
Hon. Sheila A. DiTullio
Hon. Susan Eagan
David L. Edmunds, Jr.
Hon. Eugene M. Fahey
Helen Ferraro-Zaffram
Robert J. Fluskey, Jr.
Hon. Thomas P. Franczyk
Hon. Brenda Freedman
Hon. Daniel Furlong and Mary Jane Keyse
Hon. Debra Givens
Hon. Mark Grisanti
Theresa M. Guenther
Hon. Deborah A Haendiges
William R. Hites
Hon. Michael E. Hudson
Tracey A. Kassman
Mary C. Loewenguth
Kenneth A. Manning
Hon. Frederick J. Marshall
William K. Mattar
Michelle Miecznikowski
Hon. Acea M. Mosey
Amy J. Murphy
Anne M. Noble
Hon. Henry J. Nowak
Hon. John F. O’Donnell
Hon. Margaret Olszewski Szczur
Michael F. Perley
Tiffany R. Perry
David R. Pfalzgraf, Jr.
Kimberly A Phelan
Jeffrey Priore
Robert N. Richardson
Hon. Lisa Rodwin
Hon. J. David Sampson
Christine Saturnino & Duane Schoonmaker
Peter Savage
Hon. Donna M. Siwek & Timothy G. McEvoy
Thomas Smith
Kevin W. Spitler
Pamela Thibodeau
Celeste Walsh
Hon. Dennis E. Ward
John Wiencek
Mark Worrell

Remembering Those Who Have Passed

During this time, it’s important to remember and honor our beloved colleagues who have passed.