Courts Issue Updated Face Mask Policy

Effective September 15, 2022, face masks are no longer be required for any persons, regardless of vaccination status, in a Unified Court System facility, with two exceptions:

  1. Return from Isolation: Any person, including judges, non-judicial personnel and court visitors, returning from isolation after testing positive for COVID-19 entering a UCS facility must war a well-fitting, disposable, non-woven mask in all areas and at all times in a UCS facility for 5 calendar days from the end of their isolation; and
  1. Exposure to Someone with COVID-19: After coming into close contact with someone with COVID-19, all individuals must wear a well-fitting, disposable, non-woven mask at all times around others and in all areas of our courts or facilities for the next 10 calendar days.

Voluntary Masking – Any person may wear a mask in a court facility if they choose.  Those individuals who have weakened or compromised immune systems, are at increased risk for sever disease because of age or medical condition or live in the same household as someone with those risk factors, may want to wear a mask in a UCS Facility.

As a result of these changes in our Mask Policy, the UCS will discontinue its Green/White pass program.  No identification cards or passes are required to be displayed to enter and remain in a UCS facility without a mask.  


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