Appellate Division Still Accepting all E-Filings, Will Only Take Action on Emergency Motions

With regards to the Appellate Division, 4th Dept, if parties want to e-file something other than a motion (we’re accepting only emergency applications and motions, and only by e-mail), they can, although no action will be taken on such submissions at this point.  We are working with a greatly reduced staff, and are not working on anything that is not urgent/emergent, pursuant to directives from the Governor, Chief Judge, and OCA.  In other words, perfecting or filing a brief in an e-filed case is fine (with hard copies to follow at the appropriate time as we later direct), but those records and briefs will just sit in the system until further notice. 

Be safe and stay well.

Mark W. Bennett
Clerk of the Court\
Appellate Division, Fourth Department


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