A Message from Bridget O’Connell regarding Judge Mark’s Memo

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

On the afternoon of March 13, 2020 the Bar Association of Erie County shared a memo received from New York State’s Chief Administrative Judge, Lawrence K. Marks. The provisions therein apply to courts across New York State. Click here to read that memo.

In response to questions from some of our members I have clarified some matters with our local administration as it relates to practice here in the 8th Judicial District. 

As you know these are developing issues and things are subject to change, please take care of yourselves. As noted in our prior communication, we have weathered much and we will weather this as well.

As of this writing on March 13, 2020:

  • It has been confirmed that all non-jury/bench trials remain on the calendar and will go forward absent specific arrangements with the presiding judge.
  • It has been confirmed that the 8JD does not have Civil Trial Assignment Parts (TAP), dedicated Centralized Preliminary Conference Parts or dedicated Centralized Compliance Parts as those terms are used under the section titled “High Traffic Civil Parts”. Provisions thereunder are not related to our local practice.
  • Work here in the 8th JD around motion practice and preliminary and compliance conferences is governed by those provisions under the section entitled “Civil Individual Assignment Parts”. Questions concerning adjournments, whether motion argument will be permitted and the arrangements for any remote communication should be addressed through the chambers of the presiding judge.

Contact information: http://ww2.nycourts.gov/courts/8jd/index.shtml

  • Remember, the Courts have directed and placed signage on courthouse doors stating that you should not enter the courthouse if
  • you have traveled to China, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Iran or any other country reported by the Centers for Disease Control as having “widespread sustained” or “sustained community” spread of the coronavirus
  • Reside or have had close contact with anyone who has been in one of the countries listed above within the last 14 days; or
  • Have been directed to quarantine, isolate or self-monitor at home for the coronavirus by any doctor, hospital or health agency; or
  • Have been diagnosed with, or have had close contact with anyone diagnosed with, COVID-19; or
  • Have Flu-Like Symptoms.

Your consideration is appreciated.


Bridget M. O’Connell, Esq., JD/MSW
President, Bar Association of Erie County