2021-2022 Erie County Bar Foundation Campaign

Moot Court Panel

The Appellate Practice Committee of the Bar Association of Erie County is please to offer its Moot Court Panel (“MCP”). The MCP will encompass a roster of well qualified attorneys who will be available to periodically serve on ad hoc three attorney panels which will hear practice oral arguments for upcoming appeals.

This MCP procedure is intended for any attorney who has an appellate oral argument presently scheduled. This opportunity is for both new and experienced attorneys. State, federal, criminal and civil cases are all welcome. Whether you’ve never argued an appellate case before, you just feel rusty, or perhaps you are an experienced attorney that has a difficult issue to argue, this is a process for you.

This practice argument may be conducted either in private at the Bar Association or a law office, or in public at the Ceremonial Courtroom in Supreme Court. (Justice Feroleto has kindly permitted us to utilize the courtroom for this, subject to schedule availability.) The attorneys on the particular panel will have, of course, become familiar with the briefs and the case beforehand. Questions will be posed of the arguing attorney, just like in court, and feed back will be given afterwards. Arguments may be conducted in confidence if the arguing attorney so chooses

Program Roster

The growing roster of MCP attorneys now includes the following: 

Paul J. Cambria, Jr., Joel L. Daniels, Herbert L. Greenman, James P. Harrington, John V. Elmore, Cheryl Meyers Buth, Joseph M. LaTona, Barry N. Covert, Timothy W. Hoover, Marianne Mariano, Rodney O. Personius, Angelo Musitano, Barbara J. Davies, John A. Collins, David C. Schopp, Brian M. Melber, Vincent E. Doyle, III, Daniel M. Killelea, Joseph A. Agro, Edward J. Markarian, James W. Grable, Jr., Timothy J. Graber, Ruthanne Wannop, Bethany Adamy, Michael S. Deal, John K. Rotaris, Kristin Klein Wheaton, Carmen J. Gentile, Michael Willett, Greg Pajak, Dan Kohane, Keith Bond, Richard Grimm, III, Sharon Stern Gerstman, Stephen Lamantia, Joseph A. Matteliano, Ann Campbell, Debra Norton, Kevin Shelby, Susan C. Ministero and Timothy P. Murphy.

Utilizing the MCP

Attorneys interested in having their cases heard before the MCP will notify the Appellate Practice Committee at one of these email addresses: tmurphy@lglaw.com, emarkarian@magavern.com, or wrirene@hotmail.com at least three weeks before the attorney would like to have his or her case heard by the MCP. A convenient place and time for everyone involved will be agreed upon.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, Timothy P. Murphy, Chair, Appellate Practice Committee.