Minority Bar Association of WNY Publishes Police Reform Recommendations

The Minority Bar Association of WNY’s Criminal Justice Reform Task Force has published a police reform proposal to be adopted by the City of Buffalo and the Buffalo Police Department.


The murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor highlighted a policing problem in Black and Brown communities across the nation that has existed for decades. In Buffalo, we have seen a pattern of mistreatment of citizens of color at the hands of law enforcement officers. From police beatings at traffic stops to being called vile slurs by police management, the frequent mistreatment of Black and Brown people by Buffalo Police points to a dangerous culture of discrimination. We, the members of the Minority Bar Association of Western New York and its task force, say that it is past time for that culture to change. To that end, we are proposing the following reforms be implemented immediately…

Learn more about the MBAWNY Task Force by clicking here.