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Wednesday, October 12 @ Seneca One Tower

Judge Marks Issues Administrative Order 98-20 Approving Consensual E-Filing For All Case Types

Pursuant to the authority vested in me, with the approval of the Administrative Board of the Courts, upon notice by the Presiding Judge of the Court of Claims, and, as appropriate, in consultation with or with the approval of County Clerks, I hereby continue and extend the Unified Court System program for the consensual/voluntary and mandatory use of electronic means for the filing and service of documents (“e-filing”), in the manner authorized pursuant to L. 1999, c. 367, as amended by L. 2009, c. 416, L. 2010, c. 528, L. 2011, C. 543, L. 2012, c. 184, L. 2013, c. 113, L. 2015, c. 237, L. 2017, c. 99, L. 2018, c. 168, and L. 2019, c. 212, effective immediately (or at such later date as specified in Exh. A), as follows:

  1. All civil matters in Supreme Court in all counties listed in Exh. A shall, unless approved for mandatory (or mandatory in part) electronic filing by prior administrative order, henceforth be accepted for consensual/voluntary electronic filing. Mandatory (and mandatory in part) electronic filing shall continue in those counties as authorized in AO/245/19.

Lawrence Marks
Chief Administrative Judge of the Courts
Dates: May 8, 2020

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