Judge Marks Issues Administrative Order 149/20

Pursuant to the authority vested in me, and in consultation with the Presiding Justices of the Appellate Division, upon notice by the Presiding Judge of the Court of Claims, and, as appropriate, in consultation with or with the approval of County Clerks, I hereby establish, continue, or give notice of, programs for the consensual/voluntary and mandatory use of electronic means for the filing and service of documents (“e-filing”) in the manner authorized pursuant to L. 1999, c. 367, as amended by L. 2009, c. 416, L. 2010, c. 528, L. 2011, c. 543, L. 2012, c. 184, L.2013, c. 113, L. 2015, c. 237, L. 2017, c. 99, L. 2018, c. 168, and L. 2019, c. 212, in the counties, courts, and cases in effect as of the date of this Order or upon the effective dates set forth in Appendix A ( e-filing matters) attached hereto. Such programs shall be subject to sections 202.5-b, 202.5-bb, 206.5, 206.5-aa, 207.4-a, 207.4-aa, and 208.4-a of the Uniform Rules for the New York State Trial Courts, as well as the rules relating to matrimonial matters in Appendix B. This Order is effective July 13, 2020, and supersedes AO/116/20.


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