Corporate Compliance and Privacy Officer

The Summit Center
May 3, 2022
Getzville, NY
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The job of Summit’s Compliance and Privacy Officer includes a broad range of responsibilities to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and to monitor and manage risk.  Specific direct and oversight responsibilities include identifying and ensuring necessary policies; developing, updating and determining the effectiveness of the agencies compliance plan; conducting risk assessments; and coordinating privacy and security efforts and compliance with privacy laws (e.g., FERPA, HIPPA, 2d).  Unless otherwise assigned, the Corporate Compliance & Privacy Officer also serves as designated official as the Corporate Compliance Officer and the Security Officer.

Note:  If assigned by the CEO and qualified to practice, the Corporate Compliance and Privacy Officer may perform certain duties that require legal expertise.

  1. Coordinate the development and implementation of a corporate compliance program
  2. Identify required policies and procedures, maintain a library of policies, ensure that documents remain current
  3. Coordinate risk assessment and management including enterprise, privacy and security, and compliance
  4. Serve as the designated point of contact for breaches, complaints, and external audits
  5. Coordinate communications and training with Boards of Directors and committees
  6. Assist in routine legal matters, if qualified
  7. Adheres to The Summit Center Core Agency Values of Adaptability, Accountability, Collaboration, Integrity, Optimism, and Respect

EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE –Minimum of 5 years of experience with the development of compliance and quality assurance programs, preferably in a human service setting serving persons with developmental disabilities; knowledge of state and federal educational and Medicaid laws and regulations.

CERTIFICATES, LICENSES, REGISTRATIONS Etc. - Must be able to pass NY OPWDD criminal background check. [If required must show admission to the New York State Bar Association]

If interested in the position, submit a resume and cover letter to Lauren Roehner -