2021-2022 Erie County Bar Foundation Campaign

Deputy for Continuing Legal Education (CLE)/Training

Erie County Assigned Counsel Program
December 17, 2021
403 Main Street, Suite 215, Brisbane Building, Buffalo, NY
Job Type


Job Category: Senior Staff
Department/Group: Criminal Division
Directly Reports to: First Deputy Defender – Criminal Division
Supervises: Contract Legal Writing Specialist(s)
Travel Required: Some travel required.

The Deputy for CLE/Training facilitates CLE programs throughout the year; assist criminal defense panel attorneys with legal and trial practice questions; assist with the criminal defense attorney training programs (for new criminal defense attorneys; for serious felony panel training; and develop a homicide panel training program); and directly supervises the contract legal writing specialist(s). The Deputy is responsible to help ensure that our panel attorneys are well grounded in the fundamentals of criminal law, criminal procedure, constitutional law, rules of evidence and effective trial advocacy, and are up-to-date in the latest legislative and common law developments in these areas of practice.

  • Frequently provides monographs (“The Law and You”) on relevant and timely topics; this is intended to acquaint counsel with the statutes, key cases and policy considerations that underlie the legal principles in question. Practical suggestions are also provided where appropriate.
  • Responsible for conducting and/or participating in high-caliber CLE presentations (from one to several hours in duration), on timely and relevant topics of law, procedure, evidence and advocacy that provide both written materials (e.g., Power Points and other articles) and clear explanation of the subject matter.
      • In this regard, the ACP also works in conjunction with other organizations to host CLE presentations by guest speakers who have expertise in different areas of law.
  • Participates with other Deputies in advocacy training of new lawyers as well as continuing training for more advanced lawyers seeking to move into serious felony practice (or experienced lawyers who understand that there is always more to learn and room to improve) and the homicide panel.
  • Participates in case conferences with panel attorneys and ACP Deputies; consults with individual attorneys who may have substantive or procedural questions in connection with a particular case that they are handling.
  • Participates in the periodic evaluation and review of panel attorneys.
  • Other duties as may be assigned

Admission to the NYS Bar
At least 15 years of experience in criminal law, either as an educator, attorney, or judge.

Legal research and writing skills
Practical experience and insight
Genuine curiosity about and interest in the law and the willingness to share valuable information that counsel can actually use in their day-to-day practices to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients

The Assigned Counsel Program is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Interested candidates should send resumes and cover letters to: Attn: Hope Keilman, hope.keilman@assigned.org