Matrimonial & Family Law Committee Meeting

The next meeting of the Matrimonial & Family Law Committee is scheduled for Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 12:30PM via MS Teams. For meeting access details, email Daniel Ortega by clicking here.

Presenter:        Lee D. Sanderson, CPA, ABV, CFF, CVA, MST from the American Academy

of Certified Financial Litigators

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The primary mission of the AACFL is to serve the community through its many programs. How is this accomplished? By promoting greater awareness and education to attorneys on the financial aspects of litigation. One end result will be a reduction in the need for court time or avoiding litigation altogether. A reduction in court time needed for these issues will reduce the work load of the courts allowing the justices to focus their valuable time more pressing matters. Other end results will include a way for the public to more easily distinguish the lawyers who have had advanced training, a more efficient process for the parties, and mentoring among lawyers and judges to create a more cooperative legal community.

Case Law Updates:     Provided by Katelynn Johnson, Esq. from Bouvier Law

Important Information and Forms for Committee Members:

Revised Forms for Use in Matrimonial Actions in Supreme Court were adopted effective March 1, 2021. The revised forms reflect the increases as of March 1, 2021 in the Self Support Reserve from $17,226 to $17,388 and in the federal Poverty Level Income for a single person from $12,760 to $12,880.

The Forms and Calculators for both Contested and Uncontested Divorces revised March 1, 2021 reflecting these changes are posted at

The revised forms are as follows:

Form UD-8(2) Maintenance Guidelines Worksheet

Form UD-8(3) Child Support Worksheet

Temporary Maintenance Worksheet (for divorces started on or after 10/25/15)
Post-Divorce Maintenance/Child Support Worksheet

The Uncontested Divorce Forms revised March 1, 2021 reflecting these changes are also posted at

The revised forms are as follows:

Composite Uncontested Divorce Forms


Apr 13 2021


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


MS Teams
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