BAEC Commemorates Black History Month

Bar Association Announces Candidates for the 2022-2023 Board of Directors

The Bar Association of Erie County is pleased to announce this year’s slate of candidates for election. Voting opens May 23, 2022, only to eligible BAEC members. More information about the candidates and our election process can be found by clicking here.

2022 Slate of Officer & Director Candidates

Vice President, President-Elect

Timothy J. Graber
Craig R. Bucki

Deputy Treasurer, Treasurer-Elect

John G. Horn
Sarah M. Washington


Carmen L. Snell
Maura O’Donnell
Stephen C. Earnhart
Henry A. Zomerfeld
Katie L. Kestel Martin
Kara M. Eyre
Jill Yonkers

Nominating Committee

Elizabeth Kraengel
Anastasia M. McCarthy
Rashied H. McDuffie
Melinda R. Saran