8th JD Updates Operating Protocols for the State Courts

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our courts have remained open although there have been periods of time that have required modifications to court operations based upon virus metrics. Recently, the metrics (as well as the increasing number of vaccinated New Yorkers) have once again indicated an opportunity to gradually increase in-person proceedings in the courthouses. While the “normal” remains a presumptively virtual appearance, in-person proceedings are permitted where access to justice and court operations require an in-person proceeding. The court system remains nimble and ready to quickly adapt operations as conditions warrant.

The Administrative Judge may, based upon local conditions, enact more restrictive operational protocols deemed appropriate by the Administrative Judge.

This Plan supersedes the Updated Operating Protocols Effective February 22, 2021. Commencing, May 3, 2021 all court operations in the Eighth Judicial District of the State of New York shall be conducted pursuant to this Plan. To the extent the provisions of this Updated Operating Protocol are inconsistent with provisions in any of the Eighth Judicial District Administrative Orders issued addressing the pandemic or any previously issued memoranda, the provisions of this Protocol should be relied upon to guide operations.


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