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The forms listed below are available to BAEC members at no charge. Please call 716-852-8687 to obtain a copy.

The Instanet software, including Authentisign for electronic signatures, can be obtained from the Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors. Contact Katie Solina at ksolina@bnar.org, or Danielle Melchiorre at dmelchiorre@bnar.org. They can be reached by telephone at 716-636-9000. See link below to order forms online. 

  • Residential Real Estate Contract - Revised 3/15/18
  • Addendum
  • Agricultural District Rider
  • Cancellation and Release
  • Condominium-Homeowners Association Rider
  • Lead-Based Paint Ride and Disclosure
  • Loan Assumption Rider
  • Manufactured Mobile Home Without Land Contract of Sale
  • Property Inspection Notice and Addendum
  • PINA Continuation Page
  • Rented Property Rider
  • Sale Contingency Rider
  • Seller Financing Rider
  • Vacant Land Rider
  • Vacant Land Investigation Notice and Addendum
  • VINA Continuation Page
  • Approved Revision To Title Standard No. 8
  • Title Standards
  • Survey Standards
  • Closing Standards
  • Closing Guaranty

Link to order forms online: http://www.bnar.org/downloads/InstanetOrderForm2016-17