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This comprehensive web-based legal research system is similar to LexisNexis® and Westlaw®. Recently upgraded, Casemaker now includes all 50 states plus relevant federal materials.

Casemaker is simple, easy to use, and offers you materials and tools others charge thousands for - but you get it for free for as long as you’re a member of the Bar Association of Erie County! (And no, there IS no catch.)

Casemaker includes Case law, statutes, rules, codes, secondary materials and more for all 50 states as well as the Federal system. 

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Casemaker Update

Casemaker also shares tips like these on our social media accounts! Find us on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/casemakerlegal or on Twitter https://twitter.com/casemakerlegal  

Saving Time with the Combined Link

When you are browsing statutes the Combined link shows up where there is no hierarchy lower than that step. Clicking on the Combined link will give you everything in that chapter or section. This means that rather than printing each statute individually, you can print out everything contained in that combined link at once. 

Casemaker Support

Casemaker is available from 8 AM to 8 PM EST by phone at 877.659.0801, email at support@casemakerlegal.com and by clicking the Live Chat link in the upper right corner of Casemaker. You can also click the Webinar link in Casemaker to register for live training sessions or you can click on the Videos link to watch training videos at any time.

Casemaker Pro

Your bar provides you not only with Casemaker but with Casemaker Pro - a suite of tools to help make your job easier. You can receive regular summaries of appellate decisions in your preferred practice area and jurisdiction with Casemaker Digest. Casecheck+ works seamlessly in the Casemaker system to tell you instantly if a case has been treated negatively by subsequent cases with a red thumbs-down icon. You can click on the case in question to see what type of negative treatment occurred and you will find a direct link to the case which treated it negatively. Casemaker Pro also provides you with Citecheck, a tool which analyzes any searchable brief you upload and provides you with a report on any negatively treated citations. You can find out more about Casemaker Pro by clicking on the Features tab in Casemaker.