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This comprehensive web-based legal research system is similar to LexisNexis® and Westlaw®. Recently upgraded, Casemaker now includes all 50 states plus relevant federal materials.

Casemaker is simple, easy to use, and offers you materials and tools others charge thousands for - but you get it for free for as long as you’re a member of the Bar Association of Erie County! (And no, there IS no catch.)

Casemaker includes Case law, statutes, rules, codes, secondary materials and more for all 50 states as well as the Federal system. 

Casemaker Update

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Become a Casemaker Expert
New to Casemaker? Want to learn about all that Casemaker can do? Need a review of how to look up something in Casemaker? You can attend our web-based training sessions at no cost as often as you like. Just click on the link for Webinar in Casemaker or visit https://casemakerlegal.com/registerwebinar.aspx to register!

Using the OR Search
Sometimes you may find you actually want a case that mentions either one term OR another term. That is where the OR search comes in. For example using the query alimony OR support will give you cases which mention either word.

Finding Your Search Terms
You’ve done your search with your keyword or keywords and you have pulled up your first result to read the case. Now where in the world are your search terms even mentioned? You can find them using the Search Terms arrows in the gray toolbar. Located just above the title when you are reading the case is a gray toolbar. Here you see options to return to results, arrows to move around your list of results documents, as well as the phrase Search Terms with arrows on either side. Clicking on either arrow will take you to the next search term above or below where you are in the case you are viewing.

Moreover, Casemaker maintains its own cite-checking service (called Casecheck+), which works like Shephard’s® and KeyCite® to notify you instantly of negative treatment. 

Our members will also have access to two additional time saving features: 

  • CiteCheck – which instantly analyzes any citations in any brief and alerts you to both positive and negative treatment of the cited cases; and
  • Casemaker Digest, which allows members to receive daily summaries of the latest state and federal appellate decisions (within 12-24 hours of publication), classified by practice area.

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